The seminars will be held at the ACOM headquarter in Rome.

Physicians, Surgeons and Odontologists are admitted to the Course for the attainment of the qualification diploma, while Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Podoposturologists, Logopaedists, Graduates in Physical Education will participate in the entire three sessions (with
some specific lessons for them diversified from the Physician’s
program) in order to be included in a separate list as experts of the Montorsi Method to which doctors and patients can refer to.

Given the already large number of requests on the waiting list, the date of the enrolment e-mail will prevail for acceptance of extra places

Programma del corso

6 - 7 November 2020 - 15 hours
  • Fundamentals of cranial osteopathy
  • The concept of malocclusion and its origins
  • Flexion and extention: occlusal relations
  • Cranial torsion
  • LFR (lateral flexion and rotation)
  • Lateral strain
  • Vertical strain
  • Biomechanics and TMJ: osteopathic treatment
  • Cranio-postural evaluation of some trainees

11 - 12 December 2020 - 20 hours
  • The overall visit and postural indexes
  • The fascial chains
  • Cranio-Occlusal-Postural Relations
  • Osteopathic tests in dentistry

Days to be scheduled with each partecipant 20 hours
  • Close examination and discussion of the previous seminars
  • Introduction to concepts and philosophy of the method
  • Presentation of the ACOM® harmonizers: first knowledge
  • Teeth and past, psychology and its consequences on the dynamics of skull and occlusion
  • The multidisciplinarity and the selection of the coworkers
  • The role of deglutition in the ACOM® MONTORSI Method
  • Concept of dental classes in connection with the ACOM® harmonizer
  • Operating principles of ACOM®
  • The adjustments “ operation keys of the ACOM® Method
  • The relationship between “adjustments” and the cranio-occlusal changes
  • Practice in the realization of the “adjustments” on ACOM® supplied by the organization
  • Projection of cases,selection of the treatment plan and adjustment planning by the trainees
  • The patient’s motivation, key element of the treatment: physiolocial and neurolinguistical aspects
  • Presentation of the ACOM WEB medical record and its employment
  • Final test on the programme with multiple-choice evaluation sheet for the achievement of ECM
  • Awarding of diplomas of qualification for the ACOM® Method

The pratctical seminars are meant exclusively for physicians and are held on 3days to be agreed directly with the single trainees in the Centres of: Rome,Ferrara,Mantova,Lecce,Marina di MassaandLoano. Time and place of the practical seminars will be agreed directly with the single trainees.


The ACOM® takes advantage of the collaboration as teachers of:

  • Dott. Patrizio Grossi – odontologist – Genova

  • Dott. Marco D’Urso – odontologist – Lecce

  • D.O. Valerio Natale – physiotherapist e osteopaths – Roma

  • D.O. Andrea Tiburzi – physiotherapist e osteopaths – Roma

  • Dott. Maurizio Spalluto – podoposturologist – Lecce

  • Dott. Milena d’Aniello – speech therapist – Roma

Registration fee and payment method

Per medici e odontoiatri

Total cost: € 3.340,00 + iva tax 22% = € 4.074,80
Advance: € 340,00 + iva tax 22% = € 414,80 to be paid upon registration
Deposit: € 1.500,00 + iva tax 22% = € 1.830,00 to be paid by 10 January 2020
Balance: € 1.500,00 + iva tax 22% = € 1.830,00 to be paid by 10 March 2020

For osteopaths and admitted categories

Costo totale: € 780,00 + iva tax 22% = € 951,60
Anticipo: € 230,00 + iva tax 22% = € 280,60 to be paid upon registration
Saldo: € 550,00 + iva tax 22% = € 671,00 da versare to be paid by 10 January 2020


How to participate

  1. Make payments by bank transfer to::
    ACOM® s.r.l. – Unicredit Loano Aurelia IBAN: IT 95 T 02008 49430 000101393504

  2. Send a registration e-mail to the address:
    Given the already high number of requests to the course, the mailing date will prevail.

  3. Present themselves at the seminar dates at the venue:
    ACOM® Roma · Via Ippolito Nievo, 62 – Int. 4, scala C (zona Trastevere)