The dynamic muscular system is organized in crossed muscle chains with a spiral pattern that connect our entire body, from the jaw to the foot. Daily, we are aware of this cross organized muscular pattern during walking and running, noting that by bringing forward the lower limb of one side we are witnessing the advancement of the opposite upper limb.

As a result of this global cross-myofascial connection, an imbalance in the cranio-mandibular system systematically affects the rest of the body, affecting both the body posture and the performance of the musculoskeletal system. This can result in dysfunctional patterns that can potentially create orthopedic issues.


Everyday we meet patients who have seen several other specialists in order to solve their problems without any of them having analyzed the possibility that their pathology is triggered by an occlusal imbalance.

With those patients ACOM is able to effectively solve chronic pathologies and restore the smile of people who have suffered from years of issues that they had lost their hope of being able to find a solution.