Is there a risk that my son choking during the night or accidentally swallowing the device?

Absolutely not, ACOM® is the device of choice in cases of snoring and/or sleep apnoea because its action on the upper jaw has a positive effect on nasal breathing, and better still, wearing the ACOM® one has a greater sensation of patency of the respiratory system and improved ability to breathe through the nose. As regards the risk of ingestion, it is absolutely impossible due to the size and the design of the device.

The paediatrician found a beginning of scoliosis in my son that appeared after the application of an orthodontic appliance, but the orthodontist said that there is no relationship between the two?

Unfortunately, the orthodontist has a greatly segmented vision of the human body due to an academic preparation that tends to break down the individual into many small pieces unto themselves, this leads to a compartmentalized vision and no understanding of the correlation between various systems. The relationship between scoliosis and a cranial problem has instead shown its proven scientific value and imbalances between occlusion and the skull often induced by an orthodontic appliance are among the major causes of the onset of a curvature of the spinal column.

My son complains of having aching teeth when he wakes up, is this normal?

Well, it means that he is using it correctly and is therefore already achieving results, and he must persist. The soreness does not last more than twenty minutes. The same problem occurs with orthodontics after each activation which involves severe pain in the teeth continuously for the first three days since it works 24 hours a day, even making chewing difficult: it is the normal effect of the movement of teeth.

During therapy you recommended the extraction of a deciduous (milk tooth) because it disturbed the already erupted permanent tooth and my dentist (especially in the first months) told me that my son is in urgent need of braces and now I’m confused?

Not wanting to comment on the possible lack of ethics and professionalism of the colleague to whom I sent a patient, the problem is that the vast majority of dentists have a very narrow view of the problem and see only the teeth. The ACOM® method seeks instead to balance a cranio-occluded-posture that gives results in two years of therapy and whose aim is not purely aesthetic orthodontics, but to achieve result in a stable equilibrium over time without the undesirable side effects and collateral damage of orthodontics.

If you use the ACOM® more than the recommended hours or longer than the time specified could it have negative effects?

When you start treatment you should always use it at least two hours during the day and the whole night for about 24 months as this is the time that we found necessary for a achieving an optimal balance. If it used for a greater number of waking hours throughout it speeds up the time and if you wear it after the end of therapy when the ACOM® is no longer necessary, it can be used as anti-stress without giving any adverse effects.

But if I use the ACOM® method I’m afraid that it will change my face?

The ACOM® method is a powerful functional orthopaedic device that does not distort features, but balances the skull with pleasing effects of better facial harmony.

Is it a therapy only for children or can it also be used by adults?

It is a therapy that in children allows for a more balanced and harmonious cranial-occlusal development with beneficial effects on the posture while in adults can be used at any age, but only when symptoms are present and not for purely aesthetic reasons.

At the end of therapy is restraint needed to avoid the risk of relapse so common in orthodontia?

Restraint is not required because the risk of relapse is zero since there was a rebalancing steered by ACOM®, but designed and chosen by our brain.