Esiste un'alternativa all'ortodonzia
risolutiva e stabile
Esiste una terapia a favore di
denti, estetica e salute
Esiste un metodo non costrittivo, ma
armonico e funzionale

People say about us

The first two nights I found the device at the foot of my bed and my teeth were sore when I woke up (especially the left arch); after a few days I was able to floss more easily with the sensation that the teeth had enlarged slightly, also the shoulder pain has declined although still there. After only 15 days I felt that ACOM had become a small part of me and allows me to relax my neck. December ’08, I no longer feel any pain in the shoulder and neck.

LauraAge 25

I had no problem getting used to the device that immediately gave me a feeling of improvement, but I would destroy one every 15 days and it had to be immediately replaced; by June ’07 the tensions has significantly decreased and I only broke one ACOM a month, then in September ’07 the symptoms had completely disappeared and the appliance no longer broke and on that occasion I said to Dr. Montorsi, “Now I smile to life!”

LuciaAge 37

In the morning Matteo’s teeth ache quite a bit, but this only lasts a few minutes and then completely disappears; from the first weeks it appears that his teeth are straightening; by August ’07 the crisis of fear have all but disappeared and from September ’07 Matteo eats serenely and is more self-possessed in dealing with his fears. In December ’07 he began sleeping in his own bed and came only a few times to our bedroom; by January 2008 he sleeps regularly in his bed (even in the top of a bunk bed).

MatteoAge 10


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