The traditional method Soulet Besombes, now has more than 60 years of experience and recognized results, it is part of the complementary and organic therapies, but is used only by a few professionals, including Dr. Adriano Montorsi, not known because not disclosed by media that probably ignore it.

In the ’50s it was followed mainly in France, but then it was replaced by multiband therapy introduced by the USA, much more commercial and supported by multinational manufacturers and that has become over time almost a “must” and a “status symbol”.

Only recently, thanks to the informative work of Dr. Adriano Montorsi and the frequent relapses of orthodontic therapy (about 85%) and its numerous immediate side effects or in the years to follow (scoliosis, headaches, neck pain, easy injuries in the athlete, etc.) patients have rediscovered the validity of organic therapies and are looking for treatments that can lead to an improvement of quality of life in addition to aesthetic results.

Organic therapies for an improvement of quality of life.

Dr. Adriano Montorsi has taken up this method and introduced a series of variations that enhance the effect and shorten the therapy time with changes that generate results previously unimaginable on a cranial occlusal level.

Since 2005 he teaches gnathoposturology at the Posturology Master’s and at the Master in Methodological Specialized in Posturology at  “La Sapienza” University of Rome; in addition to teaching, he is a speaker at numerous Congress and a speaker at various Lectures.

Un esempio della terapia condotta dal Dott. Adriano Montorsi

In November 2007 for the “VIII Multi-disciplinary National Congress of Posture and Occlusion in Rome” was presented the book Beyond the palate, the Soulet–Besombes method written by Dr. Adriano Montorsi, which is also the first book in the world to specifically talk about this topic.

Written in a simple and linear way – therefore useful to doctors and health professionals – to understand the foundations of Posturology and the philosophy of using this method, but also to patients to understand which therapies can be useful and which are harmful and why.

Una paziente in cura dal Dott. Adriano Montorsi