The surprising thing is that such a powerful activator has been neglected for so long. Perhaps the most appropriate explanation could be the lack of adequate “branding” by the original creators. On the other hand, one cannot expect that a researcher should describe in advance how and what he is supposed to discover, which would indeed limit the capacity of those who “see” what others can not.

Many years ago I personally deduced that behind this method there was enormous potential not yet studied, but especially not even “imagined”.

I started to use this type of activator initially almost as an observer of the astonishing effects, then began to study it in depth, principally to try to understand how it works, something incredibly never explained in full.

We are now aware that the extraordinary orthopaedic cranial-occlusal effect is given by the visco-elasticity of the material it is composed of and the repositioning of the mandible (lower jaw) associated with action on the maxilla (upper jaw) are due to a “harmonious effect of return” on the cranial sutures with an action of thrust on the “carriers” of the teeth (which are also growth carriers “accretion vectors”) that converge on the apophysis of the Crista-galli starting point of the intracranial membranes of reciprocal tension.

The concept is: there is a bijective correspondence between cranial osteopathy and dental occlusion. The reason that often (more than 60% of cases) orthodontia using metal and/or rigid devices causes a “content” imbalance that predisposes to a disequilibrium that the body tends to manifest in another direction and the spine, the cervical vertebrae which are the continuation of the bones of the skull, is the specific organ to facilitate the compensation that may evolve in scoliosis.

The following images explain the concept of the thrust action on tooth-vectors:


In light of the above one can also understand the action mechanism of bruxism: when there are occlusal problems and the reciprocal tension membranes are in abnormal tension a defence mechanism is established that aims to discharge these tensions through the teeth and the consequent wear on the teeth tends to cause an increasingly worsening loop.

This mechanism also explains why patients with dysfunction tend to break orthodontic appliances and continuously detach orthodontic ” braces /brackets” as forces applied by the orthodontist on single teeth contrast with the equilibrium of the intrinsic tooth mapping on this centre of forces and the reason for orthodontic relapse is as more marked in respect of the final position dictated by the orthodontic treatment is as far from the correct balance of forces.

In my practice and observations in I have found that the most frequent symptoms associated with orthodontic therapy which are systematically ignored by the orthodontist are nightmares, or complete lack of dreams, excessive or uncomfortable psychic phenomena with hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating, decreased creativity, eye and ear problems and that these symptoms are the same that in Chinese energetic medicine correspond to the 6th chakra (3rd eye) that produces the control of consciousness and that this chakra is located right at the Crista-galli and these symptoms, when present, are the first to be eliminated in the transition from mechanical orthodontics to the Montorsi Method.

Unfortunately, paediatricians, general practitioners, orthopaedists, dentists and orthodontists continue to ignore the “medical evidence” hiding behind scientific concepts ever more difficult to defend.