The first two nights I found the device at the foot of my bed and my teeth were sore when I woke up (especially the left arch); after a few days I was able to floss more easily with the sensation that the teeth had enlarged slightly, also the shoulder pain has declined although still there. After only 15 days I felt that ACOM had become a small part of me and allows me to relax my neck. December ’08, I no longer feel any pain in the shoulder and neck.

Initial symptoms: constant pain in my right shoulder and right side of the neck.

LauraAge 25

I had no problem getting used to the device that immediately gave me a feeling of improvement, but I would destroy one every 15 days and it had to be immediately replaced; by June ’07 the tensions has significantly decreased and I only broke one ACOM a month, then in September ’07 the symptoms had completely disappeared and the appliance no longer broke and on that occasion I said to Dr. Montorsi, “Now I smile to life!”

Initial symptoms: I wore orthodontic braces as a child for tooth correction and later as an adult to try and improve headaches and neck pain, unfortunately the symptoms have gradually worsened so I had to take strong analgesics such as Toradol on a daily basis without much benefit which prompted my doctor to send me to the neurologist who put me on psycho-pharmaceuticals drugs. With three young children I could not manage such pain and my parents had to accompany me everywhere.

LuciaAge 37

In the morning Matteo’s teeth ache quite a bit, but this only lasts a few minutes and then completely disappears; from the first weeks it appears that his teeth are straightening; by August ’07 the crisis of fear have all but disappeared and from September ’07 Matteo eats serenely and is more self-possessed in dealing with his fears. In December ’07 he began sleeping in his own bed and came only a few times to our bedroom; by January 2008 he sleeps regularly in his bed (even in the top of a bunk bed).

Initial symptoms: panic attacks during lunch due to a mouthful gone wrong in the past. Self-destructive impulses with an uncontrollable fear of the dark and sleeping alone.

MatteoAge 10
Prof. Fabio Moro

Testimony of Prof. Fabio Moro

The Soulet-Besombes removable devices for their visco-elasticity and their central freedom area in which the teeth are evolving, reveals a technique of liberation, stimulation and guiding; an ideal compromise between the requirements of our orthodontic models, the needs of the body as an “organism” and self-organization of the species as meta-structure and meta-function.

Our friend Montorsi, since a long time, utilizes the “Soulet and Besombes removable device “complementary to other techniques such as osteopathy and nonlinear podiatry in order to promote self-adjustment, adaptation, homeostasis and auto-guiding of the organism.

Adriano Montorsi has gone “beyond the fence” since he understood that the specificity of the human body is that the entire structure is subject to its requisition to survive as an organism, and from this characteristic derives, in a holistic view, the subordination of all parts to the whole.

Prof. Fabio MoroPodiatry podology